How to: Enable Amazon B2B RePricing

Our RePricing 4 Amzn can optimize B2B price, too. In order to enable this feature, navigate to our Global settings tab under Strategy. Here you can enable the Subscribe to business price notifications and optimize business prices option as shown below:

Subscibe to B2B notifications

Next, you can add a B2B rule set or edit an existing one. You need to enable the Prefer optimized business price option, as highlighted in the screenshot underneath.


Finally, you can find the optimized B2B and B2C prices when moving your mouse cursor above the current online price:


And in our item modal you should discover a new tab for the B2B offers right next to the well known B2C offers tab.


If you want to know more about quantity discounts, you should find some more information here.

It may take some hours until our software subscribed to this new kind of Amzn Any offer change notifications, so please grab a ☕ and be patient.