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      RePricing for Amazon | eSagu  
RePricing for Amazon | eSagu

Smart algorithms meet artificial intelligence

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Smart RePricing for Amazon

Get into the BuyBox without a price war: Clever strategies for success meet algorithms that are quick to act - and ensure a margin that is right.

Smart RePricing for eBay

Better rankings thanks to clear advantages: Improve your own ranking and use the strengths and weaknesses of the competition to your own advantage.

Smart HelpDesk

Higher customer satisfaction with less effort at the same time: Effective reinforcement for your customer support.

You will be surprised what software can do for you

Our products have one thing in common: they use the current technical possibilities to effectively assist online retailers as small powerhouses. Why spend hours on what algorithms can do in milliseconds?

But speed alone does not bring success - because that is what many people are counting on. This is where our AI shows all of its advantages over the usual bots: After all, why rely on blunt automation when something completely different would actually be more appropriate in a situation? That's why our smart algorithms "think" with you - instead of simply reeling off the same program over and over again.

Smart logic instead of tough price wars

Smart logic instead of tough price wars

Admittedly: Price is an important criterion on Amazon and eBay, but not the all-important one.

Rather, many factors can be smartly balanced so that the placement is right on one hand, but also the margin on the other.

Unusually fast, unusually good

Unusually fast, unusually good

We are proud of the very fast response times of our applications - as well as their success rates.

Because what matters is what you get out of it in the end.

Achieve more with less effort

Achieve more with less effort

More sales with a better margin is good - but it becomes really good when you also have to do less to achieve it.

That's why we give our products as much leverage as possible. For example, with our bulk processing, you save a lot of time when making changes to the items.

Convince yourself: Let our products earn more money for you - and for 14 days free of charge!

Use our software free of charge for 14 days - and you'll see that we can back up our claims.

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Who we are and what drives us.

Smart, fast, seller-oriented. Since 2015.

Two eSagu employees sitting at one table.
Not just executing the same thing over and over again at lightning speed, but being able to react flexibly to situations with brains is what moved us to found eSagu in 2015. Since then, our mission has remained unchanged: to put technical performance at the service of online retailers, with powerful algorithms, AI amplification where possible, and fast response times.
Early on, we therefore developed our first product: eSagu RePricing for Amazon. Its success confirmed to us that this was exactly the kind of support that many online retailers were looking for, needed and wanted - resulting in us being able to grow as a company just like the retailers who relied on our products. After all, we only operate successfully with our pricing model if our customers are also successful.
One eSagu emploee during a phone call.
About us

New in our product portfolio:
fewer trouble in customer support

eSagu HelpDesk

Use modern technical performance for your after-sales as well!

With eSagu Helpdesk, even a one-man online store offers service on the level of large retailers.

Shorter processing times thanks to templates & automation

Shorter processing times thanks to templates & automation

Our templates and automation help you solve similar requests and problems faster, saving you time and resulting in more satisfied customers.

Drastic simplification of customer contact

Drastic simplification of customer contact

eSagu Helpdesk not only allows you to bundle different channels into a single, clearly arranged display, but also provides you, for example, with a preliminary assessment of the mood of your contact, or directly displays additional contextual information about the case.

Significant reduction in processing time

Significant reduction in processing time

Our integrated batch processing, the supplied templates and various APIs simplify customer support immensely and ensure one thing above all: a significant reduction in processing time.

What our customers say:

Logo: ARKS Global Ltd Country: uk

ARKS Global Ltd

We have been with eSagu for 4 years and over this period have enjoyed being more successful with sales and profits. The best thing about this company is customer service and advice we receive to help us grow and be much more successful. I have used other repricing companies, but eSagu is by far the best and could not imagine life without them in our business.

Logo: Hubert & Piening Handels GmbH Country: de

Hubert & Piening Handels GmbH

With eSagu, we have a strong team behind us for the challenges of Automated Pricing.

Logo: On-Demand Supplies Country: uk

On-Demand Supplies

eSagu has provided us with a comprehensive re-pricing solution for Amazon and eBay.
Unlike other solutions we have tried, eSagu gives us the confidence that we are selling our products at the very best margins, not simply competing in a race to the bottom.
This coupled with our Account Manager Nemo, who is always available to assist with technical or strategy questions, eSagu ranks in our best service partners.

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May we show you what our applications can also do for you?

Then why not put our products to the test for 14 days, free of charge and without obligation?

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