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There are many roads which lead to Rome - but there is more than one into the BuyBox.

But the best way could be with eSagu…

Avoiding the price war with cleverness

Avoiding the price war with cleverness

Many have strategies for success - but we mitght have the cherry on the top.

Because our smart AI helps to smartly and agilely balance various factors so that your products are always ideal for the BuyBox.

Try to manage this throughout with the if-then rules of the classic helpers…

Setting a course instead of following it

Setting a course instead of following it

The comparatively above-average response time of our applications together with AI-enhanced "Success Strategies 2.0" ensure that many of the ordinary bots will follow your lead in the future - and no longer force you into mindless price wars.

Taking more margin with you

Taking more margin with you

Our goal has always been to enable dealers to achieve more margin.

We achieve this by including multiple factors in the calculations - and using state-of-the-art technology to do this faster than a human or a simple bot could ever do.

"I tried many software products before - with eSagu RePricing for Amazon it finally went right!"

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Uses RePricing for Amazon since 2015

eSagu - RePricing for Amazon: clever and business-minded for you in action

Optimal pricing

Optimal pricing

eSagu RePricing for Amazon finds the most competitive price for Amazon - without being a price breaker.

"Always an ace up your sleeve" thanks to tested, efficient strategies

"Always an ace up your sleeve" thanks to tested, efficient strategies

What works best at lunchtime on Sundays - and what works best on Wednesday evenings?

We have a hunch...

Balances delivery, price and ratings in the merchant's favour

Balances delivery, price and ratings in the merchant's favour

Amazon is on the customer's side, we let Amazon be on your side. We use Amazon's features to get more out of it for you.

Always ready to act with the mobile app

Always ready to act with the mobile app

Thanks to the smartphone app, you have your business in hand at all times - and not just literally.

Enhancement by AI

Enhancement by AI

In comparison to many conventional solutions, we use the potential of modern AI.

This allows us to offer traders many things that would otherwise be withheld or hidden from them, such as making essential correlations visible, revealing effective strategies or putting useful features at their service.

Great team player thanks to helpful APIs

Great team player thanks to helpful APIs

eSagu RePricing for Amazon can be combined with many other applications and can thus support you even more effectively.

How KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH increased its turnover by 19% through eSagu RePricing - and without offering the lowest prices! and without offering the lowest prices!

Logo: KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH Country: de

KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH has been offering coffee accessories on Amazon since 2015, for a long time with moderate success. One reason for this: KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH realised early on that the race for the lowest prices looked promising. But other suppliers always ended up in the BuyBox. Until KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH tried eSagu RePricing for Amazon…

After the initial setup of the software, KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH was surprised: more and more orders fluttered into its virtual mailbox every day. And the margin also improved. The reason: With eSagu RePricing for Amazon, KaffeeTechnik Seubert GmbH put smart and fast repricing to work for them - and what had long been moderate success turned into successful long-term sales growth.

Others have effective strategies too... the reinforcement from smart AI, too?

Double is not just literally better…

      Items | RePricing for Amazon | eSagu  
Items | RePricing for Amazon

At the wrong time, recipes for success can suddenly become obstacles to success. The problem is that most "non-smart" programmes do not recognise this, but continue to reproduce what they have been given. In this way, the mistakes multiply instead of moving onto the new path to success. The good news: this will not happen to you in the future.

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The easyBox increases the chance of your top selling items being in the BuyBox.

By having easyBox adjust your prices on Amazon every 2-3 minutes so that you are in the BuyBox, you get your competition to follow you.

With easyBox you set the rhythm. Change your prices moderately or aggressively, you actively determine the BuyBox price and the competition follows you.

      BuyBox Catcher | eSagu  
BuyBox Catcher
      Scheduler | eSagu  


You know yourself at what time of day your sales take place. So take advantage of this fluctuating purchasing power during the course of the day and raise your prices outside of these phases.

Our time control helps you to plan your targets precisely throughout the week.

Static re-pricing systems of the competition are thus bypassed and follow the price you set.

Bulk edit

Our interest lies in optimising not only your prices, but also the necessary work steps. easyEdit is designed to give you an extra boost that will save you time and significantly simplify your everyday life.

Control a multitude of products with just a few mouse clicks and set coordinated optimisation rules. You can also activate certain functions, edit new products or assign price or exception rules to products. Elaborate CSV applications are no longer necessary.

And all this within just a few seconds. All this is easyEdit, a function that makes everyday work with our RePricing system so easy.

      Bulk edit | eSagu  
Bulk edit
      CustomCode | eSagu  


Build your own RePricing.

Innovative and uncompromising. Does your shop not conform to the norm? Or You would like to have several situations covered?

So far, no system meets your requirements?

Create your very own system and break out of rigid strategies and rules! strategies and rules!

Determine for yourself what eSagu does with your prices.

B2B / Business prices

Do you happen to be part of Amazon's B2B Marketplace?

Have you ever thought about B2B RePricing?

We have a perfect solution for you!

eSagu's own B2B RePricer offers you the possibility to optimize your Amazon Business Prices based on your B2C prices.

You can setup different B2B quantity discount rules and assign them via e.g. our bulk edit to different items / categories.

      Business prices | eSagu  
Business prices

We ❤️ developers

eSagu RePricingfor Amazon has been created to integrate easily and uncomplicatedly into a whole system of applications via API and to fully contribute its strengths as a team player.