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      Issues | HelpDesk | eSagu  
Issues | HelpDesk | eSagu

Improves more than just customer feedback

Shorter processing times thanks to templates and automation

Shorter processing times thanks to templates and automation

Our templates and automation help you solve similar requests and problems faster, saving you not only time, but also making customers happier.

Drastic simplification of customer contact

Drastic simplification of customer contact

eSagu HelpDesk not only allows you to bundle different channels into a single, clear display, but also provides you with a preliminary assessment of the mood of your counterpart, for example.

Significant reduction of the required time

Significant reduction of the required time

Our integrated batch processing, the included templates and various APIs simplify customer support immensely and ensure one thing above all: less required effort.

"The eSagu HelpDesk system is a very effective and time efficient way to mange your messages from different platforms. The system allows the user to add tasks and notes to different issues with in the HelpDesk and assign tasks to specific users making the system more user friendly and time effective."

Ian from KitWizard

Started using the eSagu HelpDesk in 2019 (early beta)

Extras that are standard for us

If the details make the difference, here comes a gamechanger

State-of-the-art ticket system

State-of-the-art ticket system

A ticket system as it should be today: smart, powerful, clear and above all: uncomplicated.

Automated responses

Automated responses

Ensure a fast response time - even if you are not at your computer!

Templates for answers

Templates for answers

Respond to standard requests with prepared answers to the most common questions - quickly, easily and in a time-saving manner.

Smart customer mood scoring in emails

Smart customer mood scoring in emails

Thanks to smart software, get a first impression of which mails need handling - and which could be urgent.



Offer multilingual support - and also get the smart support of eSagu HelpDesk in different languages.
For example, it is possible to automatically translate incoming and outgoing mails if desired.

Helpful overviews, interfaces and much more

Helpful overviews, interfaces and much more

eSagu HelpDesk is not only a small powerhouse, but also a good team player: it supports you and other software to the best of its ability.

How Florian was able to increase customer satisfaction - without hiring additional employees

Florian has built up a successful shop as a seller of shoes over the years. He sells a wide variety of models from different suppliers via eBay and Amazon.
However, the constant success also ensured that customer enquiries increased.
Be it about the size and fit, which is often different for garden shoes than for sneakers, for example, or about problems due to material defects and weaknesses.
Over time, more and more time became necessary to deal with the small disruptions of the flourishing business.

Logo: SPORT FRIENDS UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Country: de

Clear case:
Process cases simply and clearly

Enjoy the new overview!

      ISsues | HelpDesk | eSagu  
ISsues | HelpDesk

eSagu HelpDesk was developed to make your everyday life easier. Similar to its RePricing siblings, it does this by harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to significantly expand your scope, now including after-sales.

We have placed particular emphasis on the clear display of all cases and contacts. Since the individual inquiries are prepared and grouped in this clear and intuitive overview, this "preparatory work" before the display already takes away various work steps and time from you.

Could your customer support could benefit from a free update?

Then we would suggest: Test our eSagu HelpDesk free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. We bet you won't want to let go your new employee after that…

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What we offer

      Smart templates | HelpDesk | eSagu  
Smart templates | HelpDesk

Smart Answer Templates

Choose from many prepared standard responses to frequent requests - or create your own suitable replicas for recurring requests.

Automatic translation

Don't let the internationalization of your online store fail due to a lack of language skills! Our automatic translation service allows you to answer foreign language queries with the same ease as those in your native language.

      Automatic translation | HelpDesk | eSagu  
Automatic translation | HelpDesk
      Meta infos | HelpDesk | eSagu  
Meta infos | HelpDesk

All information at a glance

By efficiently and helpfully "preparing" the requests, you will get a faster overview of the diverse cases and be able to answer the diverse requests just as quickly.
The helpful pre-grouping ensures that you can answer similar queries much more efficiently one after the other - and thus further save valuable time through the "flow".

Detects the mood of your customers

Our algorithms estimate the tone of voice and mood of the contact, so you can see in advance which request is likely to be more urgent than others or where worse ratings are imminent.

      Mood detection | HelpDesk | eSagu  
Mood detection | HelpDesk

We ❤️ developers

eSagu HelpDesk has been designed to easily integrate with a whole system of applications via API and to fully leverage its strengths as a team player.