News suitable for the Christmas season

Whether small, whether big; whether inconspicuous, whether powerful, Santa Claus came by and I can tell you, his red sack was richly filled with features.

In the last few months we have added some more features to our software. Here is a small list:


  • More security thanks to Auditlog

    Under "My Account β†’ Login Data" there is now a new overview of your logins and security-relevant interactions with our software, so you can already see who has logged in successfully and when. But now you can also see which authentication was used to log in, when a new API token was created, when a password was changed and much more.

  • Better performance for file uploads

    Some bits and bytes have been shifted, so we could get some performance out of the already fast CSV upload. Nice (wanted) side effect: You can upload even bigger CSV's, 250 MB are possible now!

    But don't rejoice too early, at 500k lines per file is still our limit πŸ™ƒ.

  • Up to 4 times faster CSV exports, you used to have to wait like an animal up to 5 minutes for a 100k item CSV export, now you can't make it to the coffee machine and back so easily πŸƒ.

  • All mails sent by our software can now be viewed again with recipient email address and subject under "My Account β†’ Email β†’ System Messages".


  • Amazon Belgium

    Amazon has recently opened its virtual doors in Belgium. But who could imagine the Allstars dream team without eSagu?

    In a nutshell, we now support Belgium in addition to the other European marketplaces.

  • B2B volume discounts are now available for fixed price items.

  • B2B rules can be removed for individual items in the item overview.

  • B2B rules can be deleted via mass processing.

  • The article overview can now be sorted by the number of competitors.

  • More transparency with reports

    Upload reports can be downloaded directly to Amazon sellercentral without any detours. Simply activate the expert view in the warehouse and open the info modal by clicking the ASIN of the article. Here you can find the download link to the report.


  • Automatic case/agent assignment

    A new workflow ensures that new cases can be automatically assigned to an agent.

  • eBay Cancellations

    Cancellations are now automatically imported and displayed in HelpDesk.

  • Sequences of workflow actions

    To simplify the use with workflows, we have made sure that when changes are made to the workflow, its actions are automatically stored in the correct order.


Actually an old Santa Claus boot, since we support two-factor authentication (2FA) via TOTP for more than two years, but since apart from our employees who are forced to use it πŸ˜„ hardly anyone uses it, we would like to advertise it here again. Whereby advertise is rather the wrong word, much rather we would like to put it lovingly to your heart.

You could make the access to your account quite simple and fast by a lot safer, you just need to activate the 2FA function. All you need is a smartphone with any OTP app like the well-known Google Authenticator, or our eSagu app and not even two minutes. Just visit the "My Account β†’ Credentials" page, and you can set up a second factor. And don't forget to print out the scratch and backup codes in case you lose your beloved smartphone.