HelpDesk - Meet the new features!

Thanks to our customers constructive feedback we were able to improve our HelpDesk by creating more features, so that you and your team can have a more pleasant experience.

Here are the new features that are live:

Copy sender's email

Typing email addresses is now history!!! Only with a simple copy-paste you can have the address you desire.

Navigate to issues from pie chart

To win you more time, we created a new short cut for you. Navigate through the issues using the colorful pie chart that you have on the right top corner in your issues page.

Default display option on the issue page

Beauty is found in simplicity. Welcome our "easy on the eye'' default page, with less displayed options. You can customize it and add more options later by clicking on the eye on the top right corner to suit to your needs.

Settings page tabs

We also tidied up the setting page for you. Now you have 2 options that will guide you to further settings.

Filter by status

Want to see multiple issue status at once? We got you covered. From the issue page, you can select 2 or more statues to have a better overview.

Filter by tags

What is better than dealing with one issue tag at a time? Dealing with two at a time! Using the filter button on your issue page, you can now select 2 or more tags at once.

Activity widgets

Keep yourself updated with the HelpDesk activities of your team. Now using the HelpDesk - Activities widget on your Dashboard, you can track your team's actions live.

Filter new issue

Keep your issues status fresh. After changing an issue status, the page will automatically refresh, so you don't have to do it. You guess it, less effort for you, more time for your business.

Try our new features, and keep us updated with your suggestions and new requests.