FAQ - Account

How do I reset or change my password?

Navigate to Forgot password and follow the steps below.

How do I add a new user?

In My Account you will find a tab User. There you can add a add new user. Here you can also limit the access rights of the new user. The new user gets a link via Email where he can set his password.

Where can I find my invoices?

In My Account you will find a tab with Invoices. There you can request each of your invoices to be sent on your e-mail.

How can I change my email address for sending invoices?

In My Account you will find a tab EMail. There you can change your "invoice e-mail".

FAQ - RePricing

How can I add a new account (Amazon/eBay)?

In My Account there is a blue button on the upper right side Add another account. Please click and follow the steps.

What is "Bulk Edit"?

The "Bulk Edit" option allows you to filter and edit multiple items at the same time. You can find this option one left hand side right under "Dashboard"

How do I change the minimum/maximum prices for my items?

There are three ways to do this:

  • You change your minimum/maximum prices for each item separately by changing numbers below the strategy and saving changes by clicking on the floppy disc icon - save button, on the right-handed side, or in the top right corner.
  • You change your minimum/maximum prices with easyEdit.
  • You change your minimum/maximum prices by CSV import.

What can I do with "Bulk Edit"?

Our "Bulk Edit" option is self expanaltory , here you can filter items by SKU, Title, Missing rules etc. and change strategies or apply new rules. Main purpose of this option is to save your time. The changes, that are most frequently made with "easyEdit", are:

  • Changing minimum/maximum prices
  • Change price option/strategy (optimization/easyBox/customCode/fixed price)
  • Changing Price Gaps
  • Deactivate items
  • Update items without price settings

What can I filter with Bulk Edit

With "Bulk Edit" you can set different filters to edit a desired quantity of articles. In the first step you can choose whether you want to filter all articles, articles without price rules or specific articles. If you select the button "Filter", you can filter by:

  • Title
  • SKU
  • Price range
  • Shipping type
  • Price option
  • Price status
  • Item condition
  • Include quantity 0 items
  • Item without pricing rules
  • Item without competitor

What is a customCode?

The customCode is an individual code offered by us at the customer's request. It will be developed and programmend by our IT department in relation to your intended pricing option/strategy.

What are the 3 most common customCodes?

  • customCode - By sales figures Your prices are optimized according to the sales figures of your items in last 7 days.

  • customCode - exclusion below minimum price Your prices will only be optimised against offers above the minimum price.

  • customCode - Prime first Your items are comparing the price against cheapest Prime offer first. If there are no Prime competitors, items follow normal rules from "Optimization"

How does the process of customCode programming work?

You develop an idea. You discuss this with your account manager. He will forward it as a software story to our IT department. Our IT department will then evaluate your idea in terms of feasibility, effort and costs and you will receive a cost estimate from your account manager with details of the cost and time required to create your custom code.

Do I pay my custom code in advance?

Yes, upon receipt of payment, the IT department will start programming and finalize your customCode.

🌶️ ️I cannot find my "quantity zero" items

Items without stock (quantity zero) are hidden by default, but you can show these items by using the filter "Do not hide quantity 0 items".

FAQ - Amzn RePricing

🌶️ ️How do I renew my MWS Token?

  • Option 1: In My Account you will find a tab Login data. There you will find your (Amzn/eBay) access data. In the field highlighted in red click on the blue button "Renew token" and follow the next steps (Set developers name "eSagu", click next, read and check two checkboxes about MWS communication, after that you'll be on "Congratulations" page, copy from there Seller ID - first row, and AMZ token - last row, that starts with amz.mws.xxxx.....)
  • Option 2: Log in to Amazon Seller Central and follow next steps: Seller Central -> Settings -> User Permissions -> Third party developer apps -> press button "Visist, Manage your apps" and renew eSagu token.

What does the price option/strategy "easyBox" do?

The "easyBox" is a Buy Box optimization strategy. This strategy is increasing your price while you own the Buy Box. There are two sub-strategies: "easyBox Hold", which increases your price every few hours, depending on how you set it up, and "easyBox Margin", that increases your price every two minutes until certain point, and after that waits for few hours to increase your price again, depedning on the settings.

What does the "Optimization" price option/strategy do?

With "Optimization", your prices are compared with the cheapest competitor within your minimum/maximum prices. This strategy doesn't increase your price when you get the Buy Box.

Can I exclude competitors from the price comparison?

Competitors can be excluded in the „Exclusion“ tab by entering them in the blacklist. "Exclusion" tab is under "Price optimization" tab on Strategy page.

FBA quantities are only updated hourly, does this affect my RePricing?

No, we use the FBA quantities for informational purposes only, so we display the quantity in the frontend or offer filtering and sorting functions based on the quantity.

🌶️ ️I have new items listed on Amazon but can't find them on eSagu.

It often takes some time until the newly listed item appears everywhere on Amazon and our software can find it in the Amazon reports.

First we recommend to wait one to two hours, that's how long it can take at Amazon.

If the item still does not appear on eSagu, we recommend to download one of the requested reports named "Active Listings Report" at Inventory -> Inventory Reports in sellercentral. If you find the ASIN/SKU here in the report, please contact our Support and if the item is not in here, you have to contact the Amazon Support or list the item (under a different SKU) again.

I have problems uploading my CSV file.

Please have a look in our CSV manual at Common errors.


I want to control several of my eSagu services via the API

This is no problem, you simply need to create a separate API key for each eSagu service.

If you have more than one country with us, e.g. Amzn DE and UK, you must also create a separate key for each country.

PHP API Client - The parameter order of individual methods has changed after an update

Unfortunately, when the API client is regenerated, the swagger codegen produces different parameter orders for individual methods. This can happen when new filter options are added.

But you can work around this, as in the following example, by determining the order based on the parameter names and "calling" the method with an associative array, where the keys in the associative array correspond to the names of the individual parameters.

setApiKey('Authorization', JWT_API_TOKEN);
eSagu\EBay\RePricing\V1\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()->setApiKeyPrefix('Authorization', 'Bearer');

$itemApi = new eSagu\EBay\RePricing\V1\Api\ItemApi();

$itemsPerPage = 5;
$page = 0;
try {
    do {
        $items = callWithOrderedParams($itemApi, 'callList', [
            'offset'   => $page++ * $itemsPerPage,
            'limit'    => $itemsPerPage,
            'by_title' => "Turnschuhe",

        $hasMore = count($items) === $itemsPerPage;
        $ebayItemIds = implode(', ', array_map(function (RepricingItemDTO $item) { return $item->getItemId(); }, $items));

        echo "Page: \"$page\", Item Ids: \"$ebayItemIds\"", PHP_EOL;

    } while ($hasMore);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;

 * @param mixed $apiInstance
 * @param string $methodName
 * @param array $paramsAssoc
 * @return mixed
 * @throws \ReflectionException
function callWithOrderedParams($apiInstance, $methodName, $paramsAssoc)
    $params = [];
    foreach ((new \ReflectionMethod($apiInstance, $methodName))->getParameters() as $refParam) {
        $params[$refParam->name] = null;

    foreach ($paramsAssoc as $key => $val) {
        if (array_key_exists($key, $params)) {
            $params[$key] = $val;

        $className = get_class($apiInstance);
        $methodParams = implode(', ', array_map(function ($p) { return "\$$p"; }, array_keys($params)));

        throw new InvalidArgumentException("Param \"$key\" is not present in \"$className->$methodName($methodParams)\"!");

    return call_user_func_array([$apiInstance, $methodName], $params);

Client side check if the API Token has expired - How can I check on the client side if my Token is expired?

In this short example in PHP the exp header of the token would be read and checked if its expiration date has passed.


$tokenPayload = json_decode(base64_decode(explode('.', $token)[1]), true);
if ($tokenPayload['exp'] < time()) {
 throw new RuntimeException("Token \"{$tokenPayload['sub']}\" is expired!");

Quantity 0 Items - How can I get quantity 0 items?

If you set the filter by-quantity-greater-zero to false quantity 0 items will not be hidden.

How can I activate the easyBox for my items via the API?

To use the easyBox, the mode must be set to BUY_BOX:


Furthermore, the easyBox strategy must be set:

$strategyAPI = new eSagu\Amzn\RePricing\V1\Api\RepricingItemStrategyApi();
$buyBoxAPI = new eSagu\Amzn\RePricing\V1\Api\RepricingBuyBoxSettingsApi();

$itemId = 1337;
$buyBoxSettings = $buyBoxAPI->callList();

$itemStrategy = $strategyAPI->get($itemId);

$strategyAPI->put($itemId, $settings);

Server replies with 400 - I am using PHP and get a 400 error when adjusting price changes

This often occurs when prices are transmitted as a string rather than an int. A type cast as int usually solves this problem;

$priceSettings->setMaxPrice((int)($dPriceFix + 1));
$priceSettings->setMinPrice((int)($dPriceFix - 1));