How to: Create an OpenAi API key

To create search terms for eBay items, ChatGPT from OpenAi can be used. To do this, an API key must be created at OpenAi and stored in our software.

Creating the API key

  1. Log in to your OpenAi account, if you don't have an OpenAi account yet, you have to register first.


  1. Switch to the overview of the API key.

Click on the Personal button at the top right and select View API keys from the drop-down menu.


  1. Create the API key

Click on Create new secret key. In the following small window you can give the API key to be created an optional name. After you have given the name, click Create secret key.


The newly created API key is displayed. Please copy it.


**Attention: The API key will only be displayed once, if you do not copy the API key, you will not be able to see the API key again, you would have to create a new API key!

Store the API key in the eSagu software

After you have created and copied the API key, you only have to deposit it in the eSagu software.

To do this, log into your eSagu account and select the ebay shop in the navigation on the left where you want to store the API key.

Strategy > More > OpenAi account.

Copy the API-Key into the corresponding field and confirm with Save.