Why buy the cheapest business solution when you don’t buy the cheapest car insurance or house?

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” - Benjamin Franklin

What is the first thing that you look into when it comes to a business investment? The cost or the quality of the product? Sure, it makes sense to weigh all the pro’s and con’s but investing less does not always bring you the best outcome. Most often if a product costs less, the resources going into making that product will also be less. It is almost impossible to build a good product with minimal resources. When you are looking to buy a car insurance or a house, the cost is not always a priority. You usually assign yourself with a budget and always go for the best option within that budget. You need to apply the same ideology when you are making a business investment specially when it comes to a re-pricer!

Currently there are many re-pricing solutions in the market. Costs of these solutions vary based on the features provided. Majority of the sellers tend to go for the cheapest re-pricer without weighing their options. Most of the low cost re-pricers will either give you some basic strategies to choose from, will not react fast enough to your competitors price changes or will eventually break down! Back in 2014, due to a technical glitch in a re-pricer, prices of thousands of items crashed to 1p. You can read more about it here. All those who suffered from this tragic incident initially invested a lot less in their system but ended up paying a lot more than imagined.

Every re-pricer in the market offers Free-trials, so test out different systems and measure what is the most suitable solution for your business model. Do your background research, compare the features, check if the re-pricer offers any insurance in case anything happens. As a seller you should not rule out a re-pricer just because it costs more. Because we all know “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Photo Credit- ©️Maitree Boonkitphuwadon