Set Price rules based on your competitors delivery time:

“No matter what the competition is, I try to find a goal that day and better that goal”- Bonnie Blair

“No matter what the competition is, I try to find a goal that day and better that goal”- Bonnie Blair

What is your current strategy going against competitors with a faster or slower delivery time? Do you simply ignore them or manually target a better price? With most other re-pricers you can choose to compete or ignore sellers with certain shipping type or delivery time. But that’s the most you can do!

eSagu has launched another new feature that allows you to set price rules based on your competitors delivery time. Let’s imagine you have a competitor named “X” and he has both Premium and regular Merchant fulfilled shipping. His premium products can be delivered in 1-1 days and other merchant fulfilled items take 2-3 days. With a basic re-pricer you can only set up one price rule against “X” where you can choose to undercut / match up or price up against him. Our new feature gives you the option to set multiple price rules against “X”. For example, your regular rule against “X” is to match up with his price as you also take 2-3 days to deliver your products. But if you match up with “X” where he has premium shipping you would most likely lose the buybox. Hence, you can set up the rule if “X” takes 1-1 day to deliver a product you will undercut him but if he takes “2-3” days you will match up with him.

If that was not enough, you can also use this feature against Amazon and other Prime competitors. Sometimes, when Amazon or another Prime seller runs out of stock, do you still see their offer as the cheapest one? Amazon keeps all those listings up as an option for the buyer to per-order those items, but it usually takes between 15 - 32 days to deliver. Without this new feature you would either need to manually keep an eye on your competitor or just not be bothered ! Although, does it really make sense to stay competitive against these sellers with late delivery? Absolutely NOT! So do not wait around , set up this new rule with your account manager and make sure you always get the most Margin out of your individual listings.

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