Prices from - to. Better visibility for eBay variation items!

One price for all variations? Boost your weakest selling variations, and give your pricing more flexibility and effectiveness.

In order to achieve a more visible presentation of your offers on eBay, we now provide you with the possibility to boost the price difference of your weakest selling variations regardless of the competition.

For example, the pair of pink men's socks is offered at a lower price and thus attracts customers to your variation items.

Under Strategies, you now have the option of expanding a price gap by a so-called Variations Boost. This is available in the following modes:

  • Weak boost: Slight increase in price difference.

  • Medium boost: Moderate increase in the price gap.

  • Strong boost: Sharp increase in the price gap.

  • No boost: The price difference remains unaffected by separate boosts (default settings).

With this option we would like to expand the scope of our services and give your pricing more flexibility and effectiveness. In this way you will be able to position yourself in your competitive field as usual and can separately lower the price of your weakest selling variations. This results in a price range for your offers on eBay and thus a tempting eye-catching display for the customer.

Thank you for reading so far and if you still have suggestions and remarks, let us know!