New HelpDesk features in the eSagu App

Short and sweet: Our app is looking more and more like its strong big sister, the web software. New update, new features!

What goes around comes around, after a long silence around our app we have now added some of our latest HelpDesk functionalities to the App. So we can offer the usual strong features with easy usability in our app as well.

  • Drafts can now be edited. Nothing is set in stone: correct mistakes, adjust wording or add more attachments.
  • The filters are not filtery enough for you? Then use the new filters for tags and status to filter even more precisely.
  • CarbonCopy (CC) addresses are now displayed, additionally they can be assigned in new messages as well as edited in drafts.
  • You want to share files with customers or colleagues? No problem now, send attachments with your messages or send only the attachment without message.
  • Recurring eBay cases can usually be answered in a similar way. For this purpose, the App now includes some message types that simplify exactly this workflow. For example, inquiries regarding return addresses can be answered easily and conveniently using the message type "Return address", simply select a known address from the address book in the search mask, insert it into the message and off you go.
  • Another old familiar message type is whisper. Easily send internal messages to your colleagues for better team communication!
  • eBay Feedback information are important parameters that always add value. The number of ratings, the OrderItemId as well as the color of the rating stars, among others, are parameters that can sometimes be important. Look at them in the meta tab of each message and refer to this information as you wish.

We are always happy to offer new and improved features within our website as well as in the App.

Best regards

The eSagu Team