New features: Two new shipping types (Seller Fulfilled Prime or Prime)

We've build two new features, which you can easily adjust them under 'Strategy'. Try it and give us your feedback!

Dear users of the eSagu software,

we have built two new features for you, which you can easily adjust under 'Strategy'.

Under the tab " Exclusion " you can select immediately two further shipping types: Seller Fulfilled Prime or Prime (both FBA and Seller Fulfilled Prime). The shipping types can still be combined with all other settings such as competitors, shipping countries, ratings, etc. You can also adjust the settings so that you can only compare your items with Prime items, for example.

Additionally, it is possible to choose between the two shipping types Seller Fulfilled Prime and Prime (both FBA and Seller Fulfilled Prime) under the tab "Price gaps". All other settings remain the same. The price gaps can still be specified as a percentage or can be an absolute value.

In addition, you can also create price gaps for all Prime offers, for example for Fulfillment by Amazon items and, the next again for Seller Fulfilled Prime items.

The exclusions and price gaps can thus be adjusted more flexibly and you have even more possibilities to get the best out of your settings!

If you have any questions call us or send us an email. We are looking forward to your feedback!