New Beta: easySchedule has been centralized !

easySchedule will stop its service at the end of the beta. The Scheduler takes over now also on Amazon. We will migrate your data for you at the end of the beta.

So far, Your eBay and HelpDesk have already benefited from being scheduled in one place. Now Amazon is ready to do the same! Our Scheduler has now been expanded to include the planning of your Amazon services. Simply put, you can plan and create activities for all of your services at once and at the same place.

Within the current beta, you can continue to use the easySchedule as usual. You can also manage your Amazon services via the Central Scheduler. Both schedules are executed regardless of the platform you use. At the end of the beta, the easySchedule will stop its service. We will migrate all your old data from easySchedule to the central Scheduler for you.

We hope you have a lot of fun with the new feature. And you are always welcome to leave us a feedback!