CustomCode - Build your own RePricer

Try it out , and get ready to create your own strategies!

So far, no system can meet your requirements.
Build your own system and break out of strategies and rules.
Decide for yourself what eSagu will do with your prizes.
What does that mean in concrete terms?
Do you have strategy wishes and ideas that were not feasible before?
Now they will! Tell your own programmer or tell us what exactly in which situation you want to implement and the code snippet comes in your eSagu.

Would you like to discuss shipping costs, delivery time, countries of origin, SellerPrime or individual retailers in detail?

  • Do you want to handle a SellerPrime provider like an FBA? Tell me!
  • Rounded prices, 19,95 € instead of 19,97 €? We build it!
  • Delivery time depends on price intervals? No problem!
  • Do you want always to be listed on a specific position? That is also possible!

You have your own brand and would like us to adjust the price according to the demand and supply principle to the market on the basis of the sales figures from your merchandise management?
This snippet helps you to launch an article by starting with a low starting price and increasing the price of the article with every sale.
Likewise, you can optimally adapt already established articles to the market price by adjusting the article price upwards and downwards depending on the sales figures.

Try it out , and get ready to create your own strategies! Sign up now!