B2B RePricing for Amazon

You can optimize your business prices like your regular prices now on Amazon with eSagu!

We would like to introduce you to our new feature, real B2B RePricing 🎉. As one of the first price optimization software developers, we started supporting Amazon B2B Any offer change notifications.

With Amazon's migration from their old MWS API to their new and shiny SP-API they added some cool new features despite the more boring stuff like OAuth, REST etc.… Amazon added Any offer change notifications for business prices, which means for us a repricing software developer that we can react on B2B offer changes and calculate a real B2B prices, too.

You find some more information about setup here in our Knowledge base 🤓 or just call us a usual ☎️ 👋.

Since this is not only a new feature for us but also for Amazon, we and Amazon are looking forward to your feedback!