Attention! We want to hear you even louder – New Feedback tool!

As Bill Gates once said: “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

The reason why our software is one of the best on the market is because we listen carefully to our customers’ needs, and bring their ideas to life. Thanks to them, our software is today what it is with all strategies and features implemented.

As Bill Gates once said: “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Whether it was Bill Gates, or someone else, eSagu has always valued and cared about customer feedback and they are the reason why we have such a dynamic software today.

Processes, strategies, features, design, you name it – everything in our system has a touch of our current customers. And we want to thank you again for that!

That’s why we wanted to make your voice even louder and help you “work” with other sellers in order to develop a repricing software that will be even better! From now on, when you log into your account, on the left-handed side in our main menu you’ll see the Feedback section. This feature enables you to write every idea that you have about the software, vote for the ones that you like and participate in our software development.

For each idea you should write a post. Post has a short, descriptive title, and simple and clear explanation. Usually is enough to write one sentence, and you can use this form: “As a role, I want feature so that reason”. In this sentence, role could be: RePricing for Amazon user, eBay Repricing user, HelpDesk user, or eSagu App user. Second part, feature, is strategy, change in design, additional option that you would love to be developed. And finally, reason is the most important part of the post, because it is a tool to determine requests. Reason should be your motivation for writing this post, so please explain it good. IMPORTANT: Feedback section is not for you to tell us how do you like eSagu and tell us that you are satisfied with our service (Although, it’s more than welcome to leave a Google review about how do you like us!). You’re actually supposed to write your idea about what feature you would like to have in eSagu, which will be evaluated by our IT team and if the feature can be developed, it will be posted for live voting. All customers will be able to see all stories that are approved and vote for the ones that they like the most. IMPORTANT AGAIN: Main purpose of the Feedback tool is to vote for approved posts. This means that you'll be able to vote for ideas of other customers every month, and basically help us decide what is important for you so we can prioritize our tasks.

This tool is available for all our customers that are using eSagu 3 months or longer. Period of 3 months is long enough to use and understand all reports, evaluations, strategies and options that we have and based on that you could give great ideas for the next feature that we should develop.

Don’t hesitate to use this tool. Help us to make your life easier! And thank you again for being a part of eSagu!