Are you worried about a drop in your Amazon Seller account health? Has your account been suspended?

Our UK Amazon consultants will ensure you that you uphold a significant account health and help with your Amazon suspension appeal, to get you reinstated and selling again.

Every now and then, happens that you get negative seller performance metrics or worst case scenario, your Amazon account gets suspended.

But, what are the activities that gets you to this situation?

Very simple. The reason why someone gets suspended is because ‘breaks’ an Amazon policy, or provide less than excellent customer service. Since Amazon is very customer centered, any small misplacement of your performance can easily lead to seller account suspension, which can be a very stressful situation for a seller.

What can you do about it?

First of all, as an Amazon seller, it is very important that you maintain your account health to the standards required to sell on the platform. Balancing between maintaining a limited Order Defect Rate, Late Dispatch rate, Pre-fulfilment cancellation rate and getting a good sale can be a challenge.

This is where our UK friends from Appealguru team comes in- with a unique mix of strong knowledge, talent and all the right experience to back it up.

They perform a detailed monthly account audit. You'll get detailed insights into your account health and receive actionable advice to improve your account health. Appealguru check in on your account on a daily basis to check for issues. When bad metrics occur , they act fast to clean up the problems so your account remains in good health.

Second thing to do is prevent issues from escalating into an account suspension:

  • Inauthentic claim

  • Counterfeit claim

  • Used old as new

  • IP/Counterfeit infringement

  • Trademark infringement

  • Copyright infringement

  • Misusing ASIN variations

  • Late shipment rate

  • Order defect rate

  • FBA warnings

  • Low tracking rate

  • Late shipping rate

  • Restricted product removal

  • The Not matching poduct detail page

  • Invoices not meeting date requirements

  • Safety complaints

How to appeal against Amazon account suspension?

Our friends will give you expert advice and help you re-instate your account. Wide experience on the platforms helps Appealguru team to handle suspension reasons such as:

  1. Policy violations- Product safety (including used products, expired product) complaints, Products description differences, Prohibited items

  2. Poor account health status- high Order Defect, Late dispatch and Pre- fulfilment rates, confirmation of orders before dispatch

  3. Inauthenticity of products- Inauthentic item complaint from customers

  4. Related Accounts – situation where one seller has (accidentally got) more than one account.

  5. Copyright infringement of products- Intellectual property right from another seller.

So, don’t waste your time waiting or trying to improve your account health. Get a professional advice and help your business grow.