How to: Create a Cdiscount API account

Connecting our RePricing software to Cdiscount consists of two steps. First, access to the Cdiscount REST API must be granted for our Cdiscount RePricing Software. This is done by submitting a request to Cdiscount. Once access is approved, the second step is to set up our Cdiscount RePricing Software using the Selller ID.

Please note that Cdiscount's processing time may vary. Once access has been approved, you can proceed to the second step and set up our Cdiscount RePricing software using the Selller ID.

Grant eSagu access to Cdiscount REST-API

1. Login to your cDiscount Seller Zone


2. Navigate to "Help center" (top right corner)


3. Navigate to "Join the support center"


4. Click on "Email support"


5. Select the support case

  • Select API for Type.
  • Select REST API Vendor Delegation for Sub-Type.
  • Click on "New case"


6. Fill out the form and send by clicking "Save"

Subject of inquiry:

Allow 'eSagu GmbH' to access my data

Detail of your inquiry:

Hello, I allow 'eSagu GmbH' to access my data in production. Best regards.


You may need to wait a while, until Cdiscount has validated the account.

7. Grant eSagu access to CompetingOfferChanges

Cdiscount requires a separate approval to access the CompetingOfferChanges. This must be requested separately. Repeat all steps from step 4 and use the following text:

Subject of inquiry:

Allow 'eSagu GmbH' to access my competing offers

Detail of your inquiry:

Hello, I allow 'eSagu GmbH' to access my CompetingOfferChanges in production. Best regards.


8. Wait until Cdiscount grants access.

After the ticket has been created at Cdiscount, you must wait for the support case to be closed. For this, it is recommended that you periodically open the Cdiscount support page and check for confirmation. Once the case is closed and you have received the confirmation, you can proceed with the setup of the Cdiscount RePricing software. Please be patient during the waiting process and check the status on the support page regularly.

It may take a while, till Cdiscount has enabled the access.

Connect to eSagu Cdiscount RePricing Software

1. Log in to the Cdiscount Seller Zone


2. Click on Settings in the upper right corner and there is the Seller ID