Are you tired of competing against sellers with back-order stock? Well, not anymore! Esagu has managed to find the perfect solution for you. Earlier this month one of our clients wrote in our feedback tool -

“Most re-pricers treat competitors with back ordered stock as live so you end up with a lower price than necessary as 99% of the time a customer will not buy from the back ordered competitor even if they are way lower as they want the item immediately.”

Based on our client’s suggestion our team has developed a new feature where you can ignore competitors with back-order stock. FBA products are most often offered on back-orders during holiday season. Even though Amazon keeps these listings up as an option to buy from, these listings rarely get the BuyBox. Competing against these listings usually result in reduced profit margin. eSagu’s new Exclusion feature enables you to only compete with sellers with available stock and optimize your prices in the best possible way!

You can find the new feature on your strategy page right under “Exclusion”.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further queries. Have fun with this new feature and do not forget to leave more feedback!