Through our extensive research and insights into Amazon repricing over the years we have built an Artificial Intelligence to get YOU in the BuyBox faster!

Our AI is capable of predicting an optimal BuyBox price by analysing data collected from Amazon and comparing competitors offers.

We use all data provided by Amazon, such as shipping time, delivery method, feedback/rating and many more.
For example, our R&D has shown that free shipping, even though the total price is the same, is beneficial for the BuyBox!

Within the easyBox feature the BuyBox is achieved through reducing the price step by step. With the AI prediction, we lever the power of big data to reduce the number of steps needed to catch the BuyBox allowing the system to react much faster!

The first step of the classic easyBox is to match the Buybox price. With the AI feature activated, the first price sent to Amazon will be a better approximation of how the offers compare and can therefore also be higher due to the better metrics on your side!

The AI function is integrated in our existing easyBox feature. You simply need to activate the “AI-assisted” function in the easyBox if you want to try out the AI for BuyBox predictions. You can also adjust the easyBox rules as usual to maximize your profit margin.

Contact your account manager for further assistance and let us know your thoughts!