You asked for it and we delivered it!

eSagu items page got a fresh facelift.

Creating a consistent look for your items gets even easier with our latest changes:

1. Editing prices on items became efortless with having the SAVE button next to the price settings.

2. Number of your items sold in the last 7,14 and 30 days got brigther, so you don't miss out the success of your sales!

3. Our famous easyEdit option got relabeled to Bulk edit, and change it's position on the main menu under the items page.

4. We tried to save some screen space to get a more compact full picture.

5. The often used search bar tabs are now sticky when scrolling drown on all item pages.

6. The Badge containing the ranking has moved to the right side to not overlap the item image.

Hope you enjoy it the new look.

As always, please let us know if you have more suggestions and ideas for eSagu.