E-commerce industry is growing, and so are we! Over the years we set a benchmark in eBay and Amazon re-pricing. Now, it’s time for something new! Introducing our new tool - eSagu HelpDesk!

From now on, you can connect your eBay, Amazon, Facebook page, Webshop and any other channel to our Helpdesk. The purpose of this is to gather all of your messages in one platform, enabling you to deal with them more efficiently. You probably spend some time on answering customer’s questions late at night or at some point during the weekend, when you should be spending time with your family and friends. Forget about that now, let eSagu do that for you and enjoy your time!


You can set up automatic response, add reminders, add custom fields about urgency, assign tasks to co-workers, filter messages by language and many more. Our HelpDesk tool will save you a lot of time dealing with your customer enquiries and improve your customer experience by reacting faster. And you can do that in a secured way, protecting your privacy and data.

We only need 5 minutes to connect with your servers, and your Account Manager will assist you in setting up the system and introducing all features. Cool thing about it is that HelpDesk is also available in our eSagu app! Since we are still in the BETA version, feel free to sign up for a free trial, and give any feedback that you think might be useful! Let’s make a great tool together! We are waiting for you.