For several years, Amazon has allowed sellers to offer their products to other business retailers. B2B has been proven to be beneficial in a few areas, such as volume discounts, simply because they encourage businesses to buy more.

Retailers often expect to get a better price for larger orders, so volume discounts are attractive to them. For Amazon sellers that are using the Business platform, the total profit for a large order with a volume discount is more beneficial than a small order with higher unit price.

Do you offer your Amazon items to other business retailers?

Then, we have good news!

From now on, eSagu is able to update your B2B price based on the optimized B2C price.

You can set a percentage discount from the optimized price on individual items. Furthermore, you can also add multiple volume discounts.

Feel free to try B2B RePricing with eSagu!

We are looking forward for your feedback and further improvement suggestions.